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Gyles Meritt. 27. Born in Ireland.


James had counted three sunsets since he arrived at the collage. They said there would be help: food, water, transport away. They had lied. The grounds were deserted and had been since he got there, but they were also surprisingly clear of the infected so it had seemed like a good idea to shack up. He had picked the upper floor for vantage more then anything and from the windows in this classroom he could see a good portion of the collage campus. It seemed as good a bet as anywhere, if only to rest for a few days. So the teen had gathered food from the store room and found water, matches and towels for bedding too. He was comfortable as he could be.

He had been eating some left-over’s of rice when he had heard the murmured voices. Instantly he froze, listening closely. It sounded to coherent, like conversation to be a small pack of infected, but unsure he had lowered the bowl and pulled his knife out of its holster on the floor. That was all he had time to do. Before he even had time to straighten up and head to the door someone was grabbing him and pressing him to the wall, growling in his ear. “Bloody hell! What the fuck are you doing you prick!” He growled, his British accent thick and his tone strong. “This fucking coherent enough for you?! Get the hell off me!”

Gyles’ brows went up and he pulled away. Another seemingly Human survivor. “Oh.” He said and then smiled briefly and then it faded. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to attack again. There’s a group of us, scanning the college. We’re all clean, I’ve checked personally.” The Irishman said and then looked the person in front of him over. “I can show you myself, if you’d like proof, but I need the gester returned… I have to be sure you’re clean and safe.”

He was doing an awful lot of talking and he wasn’t used to it, but it was the only way. Whoever this survivor was, he was handsome, even in the dark light of the room. “I’m Gyles, by the way… what’s your name? We can go find some of the others and get you some food and water, if you need it, we’ve got quite a bit, right now…”

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